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the president called on congress to pass the media shield law. >> i wonder if the message to congress is put up or shut up. if you're going to criticize me for not being involved, why don't you put up a law that better protects journalists. >> the president has wand this law for years, there's been republican opposition to it it. they've fierce advocacy of the press. this is an opportunity to do that. >> i want to turn to senator mitch mcconnell of kentucky. welcome back. >> good morning. >> why don't you accept the word from not only white house officials but from former acting commercialer said there is not evidence of a political agenda? >> actually, there is a culture of intimidation throughout the administration. the irs is just the most recent example. let me recount a few for your audience. over at hhs in the obama care debate, the secretary sent out a directive saying they couldn't say what the policy would be. now they're trying to convince the public they should love obama care. at the fcc efforts by obama appointees to shut down or make difficult people who are seeking to buy adverti
there was no law against human trafficking. one of the biggest fights is enacting stricter pulmo. >> it's a problem, but what are we doing about it? >> reporter: erika gonzalez, news 4. >> detectives say that the profit margin for cases like this is too big and the punishment is just not big enough. >>> time is 5:35. six graduating seniors have a lot to celebrate this morning. >>> plus the strong words of encouragement from the first lady. >>> then the weekend event that brought jessica alba to town. >>> if if you're up watching tv, joining us online. we're on twitter and facebook. we'll be back in a moment. >>> today might feel like a step back in time in falls church, virginia. the city is hosting civil war day and organizers are promising a real blast from the past. it's going on at cherry hill park. activities include living history presentations and soldier reenact ms. it all includes tours of the new civil war trail through the town. admission is free. >>> so from the battlefield over to bethesda, today is the final day of the bethesda style weekend and jessica alba was in town promoting her
, the did lay out their rationale and support a shield law. >> what does this do to the second-term agenda? are we starting to work their way to washington? >> it potentially could interfere with his agenda, but, remember, republicans themselves have powerful incentives to cooperate with him on some issues like immigration, they need that to broaden their party base and on the budget deficit, the debt dealing that's potentially going to ripen later in the year, both sides have to get something done. they have reason to work together. >> there is caution, even though there is red meat. there is caution from former speaker newt gingrich about tempering expectations here and being more conservative in the way they are going after these things. >> no question about it they saw under newt gingrich, it backfired in 1998 when they overplayed their hand against bill clinton. the republican party, it's not that their base is not fired up about disliking president obama and what democrats stand for. the problem, the base isn't wide enough. they need to bring more people in, and there is a question a
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3